Marius Devaud Orchestra Association is to contribute to help the suffering humanity. The basic needs of mankind are urgent today. The humanitarian imperative that the Association intends to offer to the world she is suffering a drop in the ocean more? Maybe. But Marius believes that if only 10% of the members of the human family were sensitive and compassionate practice to the suffering of others, or the basic needs of their brothers and sisters on earth, the world would change overnight. The selfishness of mankind fall, as the irresponsibility of governments. Today, the role of culture is of paramount importance to educate the public and governments.

Through music, literature, films and documentaries, our Association proposes to discuss the following issues :

1. Sharing

The selfishness of people is well known. Everyone feels to be the center of the universe. While no divine love, each being is nothing, at most insignificant as a grain of sand in the desert. Part of the type of consciousness the most ordinary of humanity, these people think only about their own selfish interests and primary existence. This total lack of love-wisdom or compassion for the suffering of others has created the current economic chaos on Earth. A group of twenty countries manages approximately 85% of the planet's resources, while more than 220 countries run the crumbs, that is to say the remaining 15% of the resources essential to life. When the human race as a whole will he wake up? When will he stand up and say no to injustice? Today it is the duty of all to say no to injustice. The sharing of natural resources of the planet is the very future survival of humanity. These resources are of course food and raw materials.

2. Right relations

The establishment of right human relations in the world is of primary importance today. These relations must be fair and honest basis of local and international human activity in the fields of economics, politics, religion, science, finance, commerce, art and culture. On the other hand, democracy is clearly redefine. As the global economy just for all. Human rights must be defended vigorously and without any concessions on the surface of the Earth.

3. Human rights

Human rights are defined by the 30 items constituting the official document called the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. December 10, 1948 in Paris, the 58 Member States that made up the General Assembly of the UN adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human rights are the inalienable rights of every human being, regardless of race, nationality, sex, place of residence, ethnic or national origin, religion, language or any other condition. Everyone has the right to exercise their rights on an equal footing and without discrimination. For example, Article 19 of the Universal Charter of Human Rights states that everyone has the absolute and inalienable right to freedom of opinion and expression of his thoughts, his ideas and his writings or it is in the world, and the right to receive information and to spread.

4. Culture

One of the major problems of humanity today is to face a complex cultural situation between East and West. Religions, beliefs, attitudes and cultures are very different and opposite. It is now necessary to create cultural bridges, find common ground and mutual understanding that there is only one human family on Earth. This inevitably involves the creation of a new world religion and culture for all people worldwide. The creation of an exciting thought for the new plane of consciousness that is global consciousness. The assertion of a new art for justice, peace, love, wisdom, beauty, humanitarian causes and Divinity

Thank you in advance for your support !

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