Association Marius Devaud Orchestra is a cultural institute producing music, literature, documentaries and video films. It intends to help spread ideas of peace, sharing, health, tolerance, brotherhood, solidarity and fair relations among peoples, nations, religions and different cultures.

Ideas rule the world. Throughout history, ideologies and different types of thoughts have changed the culture for better or worse. Today the world has changed. New perspectives are offered to the suffering humanity. New spiritual energy and cosmic influence peoples and nations of the world. A new field of consciousness is reached and pervades the human conscience.

The association needs your financial support to help solve the major problems of today's civilization. The world is not immune to a world war. The rise of radical Islam worried Western civilization. International terrorism threatens our governments, our values, our freedoms and our institutions. Financial markets are collapsing. Humanity today is facing serious problems concerning the economy, food, energy, employment, housing, health, education, climate and ecology.

The literary, musical, multimedia and video of our association will help create, disseminate and share products, ideas and new solutions for the new civilization happens. Humanity today needs good value, fair, supportive, fraternal and universal respect of politics, economy, religions, culture, arts and sciences.

When nations and peoples have developed right human relations among all human beings work less and have more leisure time for personal development. The health of humanity will be much better. Natural resources will be shared with dignity, intelligence and justice. Financial markets are promising, prosperous and responsive to real needs of humanity. Investment in the medium and long term will be more secure, equitable and widely promoted by the development of human consciousness on the whole Earth.

Any type of funding is very welcome, cash, donations, legacies, sponsorship, investments or sponsorship. Even very small donations are welcome. Ready to discuss by phone, email or visit about any other means of financial support. On request, we are ready to send you the books, records, videos, public comments and other information. Thank you in advance !

Thank you in advance for your support !

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