Marius Devaud Orchestra Association has signed a partnership agreement with a humanitarian association in Asia. This partnership consists of seeking capital for the creation of a home center and training for young orphaned or abandoned children.

The amount of fundraising is 502,167 Euros !

Marius Devaud Orchestra Association needs your support and your generosity for building orphanage. The objectives cover the following areas:

1. Project

The Association plans to create a center for orphans and abandoned children, to allow them access to standard basic education. The project also includes the establishment of the center's management team, as well as the recruitment of staff and children to help. This project is more than just a sustainable center. It will be a real family for children. Given the difficulties in managing a center of this size, we need rigor in the administration, budget management and implementation of basic hygiene. To achieve the construction of the center, we are faced with a severe lack of financial means.

2. Construction of the orphanage

The construction phase of the center and the establishment of the management team last 9 months. The work plan will include the organization of the center, the definition of operating rules, the representation of the association with local authorities, staff recruitment, the selection of children to help, the management of the budget and resources available to provision, management teams, implementation of information tools, the definition of internal management tools and stewardship of public relations with other schools and partners. From an architect's plan. The center will include several buildings. A team of project management is necessary for the progress of construction.

3. Education

The education project wants to offer children access to basic education to fight against illiteracy and exclusion. Enable them to benefit from normal schooling, access to vocational training and to give them the opportunity to participate in the social life of their country. This involves the acquisition of basic skills in reading, writing, math, languages, computer science, history, geography, traditions and customs of their country. Course with fun activities: games, sports, manual and artistic creation.

4. Formation

The center will include a learning center for handicrafts. With the prospect of gradually allowing access to employment in daily life. This training program will provide the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills of 50 children within the structure until the age of 18. With complete support for vocational training or to undertake university studies. The objective of this action is to engage the basic training and to give children the opportunity to integrate learning and schools school system.

5. Health

The center will have an infirmary and regular medical monitoring. Many children are orphaned, abandoned or are homeless in the streets. The majority of these children are excluded from family, social and economic life. The poorest families of these children are also disadvantaged due to the economic situation. There are many centers, but the ability of these orphanages is not sufficient. The quality of the accommodation and hygiene is not good. Promiscuity is prevailing negative development of children. Priorities of local authorities can not handle all of these abandoned children.

6. Solidarity

The poorest families can not provide for their children. They can not feed properly and pay the fees back to school. They can not educate their children and give them vocational training. Thus, these families are forced to separate from their children and entrust them to shelters. Worse, most of the time, parents are forced to leave their children while they are still babies. Offer hospitality and basic education schools is so limited, it covers the needs of only partially. These centers lack qualified personnel, experienced trainers and suitable equipment.

7. Art & Culture

The orphanage hopes to create an artistic workshop to sensitize children to the beauty, art and culture of their country. Branches included in this program include music, dance, painting, sculpture, poetry, literature and other branches also, according to the budget available and adapted according to the staff available.

The construction of the orphanage costs 502,167 Euros. Thank you in advance your support !

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