Excerpt of the book "The Treasure Of Zion" : The Planetary Emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher is a current event unprecedented in history. Maitreya is the avatar that all the world is waiting to resolve the problems of civilization today. The Planetary Hierarchy is embodied down in the material to work publicly in the world. This had happened the last time 98,000 years ago ! A great upheaval of civilization is not only announced but it has already begun. Maitreya will soon presents himself in the world. Remember! The Day of Declaration of Maitreya, with the date and time, will be publicly announced in advance in the media worldwide.

Press Release 749 written and presented by Marius Devaud. Book, script, production and directing of the film, music composition and soundtrack production by Marius Devaud. Video edited by Marius in Geneva, Switzerland, in June and July 2010 at Belvedere Studios. Music performed and recorded by Marius Devaud Orchestra.

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Book proclaiming Maitreya's Planetary Emergence. A current event unprecedented in history. Press release 249 concerning the release of the book written by Marius Devaud, entitled : The Treasure Of Zion (Play in 6 Acts).

The book exists also in french original version : Le Trésor de Sion. Film : realization, edition, production, publishing, music, photos, acting and presentation by Marius Devaud in June 2010.

You must absolutely to know the 12 topics of the conference of the Consistory and the official speech about reform of Islam, to resolve the problems in the civilization of today in the world.

French version of the video proclaiming the planetary emergence of Maitreya - Press Release 749

French version of the video presenting The Treasure of Zion - Press Release 249

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